Kit Club

Who is Kit?

Meet Kit, the young fox who can frequently be found roaming the grounds of Tryon Palace. Kit loves to spend his day having adventures on the lawn, smelling the flowers in the gardens, visiting with the people telling stories of the past, and learning about North Carolina’s early state history at Tryon Palace. With an eye for exploration and a thirst for excitement, Kit always has fun when visiting his favorite historic site.

What is Kit Club?

Join Kit in his quest for fun in the Tryon Palace Foundation’s FREE membership level for children 12 and under, the K.I.T Club – Kids Interested in Tryon!

K.I.T. Club members support Tryon Palace’s mission to educate current and future North Carolinians about our history, environment, and culture. Help Kit preserve Tryon Palace for future kids by learning, playing, and growing with us.

Kit Club Benefits

Proudly display your membership with a special K.I.T. Club sticker you’ll get every time you visit the Palace. As a member of the K.I.T. Club, you’ll get your own membership card that can help you collect prizes, and you’ll get mail from Kit and his friends at Tryon Palace. Even better, you’ll be invited to attend special events for children!

Download the Kit Club Brochure