Palace Scholars Program

“I appreciate the support of the Tryon Palace Scholar Program through grant funding to provide an educational experience for students who might normally not be able to financially afford  the expense of attending a field trip to visit Tryon Palace. It is so rewarding to see students smile when they hear a guide use a vocabulary word or fact that they have learned in the classroom setting.  A visit to Tryon Palace helps bring history alive for them! “

– Educator from Pink Hill Elementary School 

Palace Scholars is an educational program linking students and educators from Title I schools with funding for field trip opportunities to Tryon Palace. This program hopes to connect present and future North Carolinians with their state history in an engaging and informative format. Palace Scholars is a grant-based program for Title I schools in North Carolina, and recipients will be selected and awarded annually through an application process. Tryon Palace has the goal of ensuring all students – regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic background – have the opportunity to benefit from multidisciplinary programs that enhance the traditional curriculum.

The Tryon Palace Foundation invites all educators at Title I schools in North Carolina to apply for a field-trip grant. Grants may be used for all field-trip associated costs, including, but not limited to: transportation, admissions, and substitute teacher fees.

The application period for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 school semesters will open Summer 2022.

To apply, download and print the Palace Scholars informational sheet and the Palace Scholars Application form below. Once filled out, please email your application to the Development Office at

Contact the Development Office with any questions at 252-639-3516 or